Add beautiful,  attention-grabbing sketches and animations and keep trending with chic Instagram story GIFs that will have your followers swooning. I create engaging GIFs or animations for you that are sure to make your brand more prominent to your followers and future brand collaborations. Let’s create memorable branded illustrations together. 


To have your stickers show up on Instagram, you will require a GIPHY brand channel. It's free, but you will be required to submit an application that will need to be approved by the GIPHY team. To qualify, you need a website and email address that perfectly matches your brand (i.e. You also need 5 GIFs to start. 


*All prices are in CAD. Please note there's a 4-6 week wait for drafts to be completed.


Reproduction of GIFs as prints is strictly prohibited unless permission is granted by artist Nina Maric. Copyright reserved to artist Nina Maric and Chic on Paper.  

Custom GIFs for Brands - starter pack of 5


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